Archaeological Museum

Il Museo Archeologico
Il Museo Archeologico

The museum was officially opened in 1997 in what used to be the old indoor marketplace in San Graziano Square and it houses finds from the local area and Basso Verbano. The history of human settlements from the first Neolithic and eneolithic archaeological evidence to post-Renaissance glass and ceramics found during the excavations for the new town hospital are presented through an effective exposition based on chronological criteria.

Bronze Age (XVII-XIII century B.C.): finds from the important pile-dwelling sites in Lagoni di Mercurago among which the cast of the wheel.

Iron Age (X-IV century B.C.) : grave goods of the Golasecca civilization from Castelletto Ticino and the Lagoni Area.

Second Iron Age(IV-I century B.C.): rich grave goods, bracelets, bronze anklets from Celtic necropolis in Dormelletto.

Many Roman finds from local towns, among which the statue of the Matron used as the museum logo.




Piazza San Graziano