Saint Charles Statue

Saint Charles Statue - photo Amato
Saint Charles Statue - photo Amato

The statue can be seen by the lake and is a good example of Baroque grandeur, it was built at the wish of Cardinal Federico Borromeo and Offeree Marco Aurelio Grattarola in order to pass on the greatness of the Saint Archbishop from Milan. Visitors have access to the pedestal where a nice view can be admired and can also climb, by an inside ladder, to the head of the statue. The masterpiece was completed in 1698.

The project by Giovanni Battista Crespi known as Cerano, was made with hammered copper slates put together with iron nails andtie-rods by sculptors Siro Zanella from Pavia and Bernardo Falconi from Lugano.


 Total height: 35

          statue: 23.50

        pedistal: 11.50


The project and the construction technique have been used for building the statue of Liberty.



Piazzale San Carlo