The Rocca

The Castle of the Rocca - photo Liberati
The Castle of the Rocca - photo Liberati

The "rock" of the Fortress, with his characteristics white limestone walls, juts out over the lake to the north side of Arona.

The fortress was mentioned for the first time in 999 A.D. although its origins are undoubtedly older.

The defensive complex dominated the lake below controlling commercial traffic and the passage of armies from the north of Europe towards Italy.

The main part of the structures that survived the 1800-1801 Napoleonic destruction, dates back to XV century. The 2 October of 1538 in the castle of the Fortress in the so-called "Chamber of the Three Lakes" St. Charles Borromeo was born. After 1801 the hill where the Fortress stands, owned by the Borromeo family, was cultivated until 1970 when the Fortress was granted to the Municipality of Arona and was opened as public park. The area was reopened to the public in 2011.



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